Do Epic! People will remember!
I love when old walls are so well respected they don't get tagged. Marni Korneluk painted this beauty in 2016 using Ironlak (Australian made) cans. It's quite a feast for …

Wodonga | Golf Ball (Obsolete)
You want to know how I know? because, full disclosure, it's no longer there and only awesome golf courses have BIG Golf Balls. True Story! I took this photo while waiting fo…

Woolloomooloo - Boardwalk Art Trail
Michael Van Dam I visited this sculoture in March 2019 and happy to report, up to this date, he's still there. Slightly different location but Mikes wonderful chainlink dra…

Woolloomooloo - Totem Sculpture
Unknown Artist One of many sculptures along the Woolloomooloo Wharf last I visited Feburary (2019)

Woolloomooloo - Boardwalk Art Trail
This was a featured atrowrk in 2019. It's long since been replaced but it's one of many found constantly rotating through out the boardwalk at Woolloomooloo.

Werribee - Minna Leunig
Another 2018 master piece for Werribee's 'RED Centre' exhibition. This murals by Minna Leunig and is located in front of the Werribee RSL

Werribee - Tom Gerrard
Tom Gerrard painted this amazing mural. I love it when artists incorporate the surroundings into their mural and this one is no exception. If you look closely you'll notice …