Holbrook I BIG Coke Can


Holbrook I BIG Coke Can

I nearly slammed on the breaks to pull over when I spotted this driving through Holbrook.
Drive through a place often enough you tend to think you've seen everything. Then the town laughs at you and nudges things like this into your path.

While I was embarrassingly taking a selfie with the extremely run down Kitschy Coke Can a local happened by and stopped for a yarn. He told me the building was actually scheduled to be pulled down. I don't know if it's still standing anymore. I made this post a few years after taking the photo and found it quite difficult to even find the place on google maps to add it to my map despite the cafe name presented on a silver platter. Google Street view is still from 2019 so you'll gave to roll past and see for yourself if Australian Kitsch is your kind of thing

📍 99 Albury St, Holbrook

99 Albury St, Holbrook