Goulburn | Rambo, The BIG Merino

Rambo the BIG Merino in Goulburn I NSW BIG Things

 15.2 meters
Length: 18 meters
Weight: Around 100 tons

Rambo had always been the star of tourism in Goulburn, situated on the main road into or out of, depending on your direction of travel.
That was, of course, until a bypass was created in Goulburn.

Sadly, due to the bypass, Rambo found himself being completely missed by tourists travelling though the town and Goulburns biggest tourist attraction was no longer receiving the attention he deserved.

So on the 26th of May, 2007 the town moved Rambo from his out of the way, once relevant home, to a once again more prominent spot where tourists and those passing the town couldn’t miss his presence.

YouTube video of Rambos relocation and history.
Voice is a little dry but it’s an interesting watch