B is for Bunyip

Bunyip by Ann Ross in Gungahlin

This was a fun, if not embarrassing, photo to take. Middle of the day and having to constantly stop and pose with this statue with cars Qíng up at the lights. Photos like this are always worth that self conscious voice saying 'Everyone is staring' and the best advice I can give is to keep doing it. You'll never run into these people again and you have a worth while photo to cherish forever.

The Bunyip was created by Ann Ross. She's created several other sculptures in Canberra including the 'The Other Side of Midnight' near the Canberra Fountain. This sculpture however is titled 'A is for Alexandra, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra' and was created in 2011.

It has a sunny prominent spot in front of the Gungahlin Library and is just wonderful to photograph. 

Bunyip by Ann Ross in GungahlinBunyip by Ann Ross in GungahlinBunyip by Ann Ross in Gungahlin