Happy Easter from Kade Sarte & Ogskeeta

It took me awhile to find this one and I kicked myself when I did.

Most people dub this mural ''Happy Easter'' and while it's not tagged it was created by Kade Sarte.

If you've gone on a Street Art hunt and find yourself in front of the Dan Mahone / Marni Korneluk murals. TURN AROUND!

I was extremely surprised to learn they're almost directly across the street from these murals.

This mural took a bit of digging but it belongs to a gentleman named Scotty.

Or Ogskeeta to Instagram.

He's threatened to update this wall and should he ever come across this post, it's an cute wall. Tsk Tsk, leave it alone!

We could always do with more color and I'm sure there's plenty of other business owners who are open to letting you decorate their walls for the free publicity murals and photographers attract.

Reminds me of Plants Vs. Zombies :D

📍 Behind WHR Allied Health, Albury