Waites Park Murals

Albury Street Art | Waites Park Bird Watching mural by Kade Sarte
Perhapes Albury's best known mural!

Kades Bird watching mural is one of the most creative murals I've come across so far. 

Kade cleverly used the canvas and incorporated it into his mural rather than trying to make a mural fit his canvas 

The result is this creative and amazing creation!

Albury Street Art | Waites Park mural by Kade Sarte
Another Kade Sarte mural!

This is one of Albury's newer murals. Commissioned to brighten Albury's new initiate Waites Park community space. Along with an awesome mural Waites Park received a basketball court, skating area, gym equipment and a tennis / Volley ball facility.

It took me a few days to locate and unfortunately I  arrive near dusk. I returned the next morning to find the mural, a few days after completion, tagged. The mural has since been corrected

Albury Street Art | Waites Park mural by Kristina Greenwood
Kristina Greenwood wraps up the other end of the Waites Park flood way tunnels. 

I believe the Albury councils initiate to decorate the tunnels was a fantastic idea. It brings a colorful and vibrant atmosphere to this park and really elevates the space for young people.

I'm sure it was a graffiti issue but I'm super stoked to live in a town that proactively employs local artists like Ms. Greenwood and ArtofSarte to beautify their hometowns.