Albury | Alex Seton


'Lost & Found' by Alex Seton | Albury Public Art

First, I love Setons work
Third, profit!

I was working at the local pub when I became aware Albury had this sculpture stashed somewhere. I asked every customer I could as to it's where bouts. No luck!

I'd explored a fair bit by this stage and had a few ideas but I ended up stumbling upon it before checking those spots thankfully chasing some IG posts I'd seen of Santa stencils at the Albury Train Station. Didn't find the stencils btw!

Made from Wombeyan marble Seton's ''Lost & Found'' sculpture  is nestled away among some hedges enclosed in a quiet area in front of the Albury Information Centre. 

During WWII Sir Russell Drysdale use to sit at the Albury Station and paint. Alex Setons sculpture is a reflection of Sir Drysdale's paintings. It pays homage to the travelers and their everyday belongings.

📍Albury Information Centre