Morty the BIG Snail

 Meet Morty!

Morty the BIG Snail in Queanbeyan I New South Wales BIG Things

Morty is a commission made by sculptor Neil Dickinson for the towns 175th anniversary.
Dickinson created Morty back in 2013 and he resides in the Queanbeyans sensory gardens.

The town spent $10,000 on this sculpture which has heart-breakingly been the target of vandals several times. A story from 2016 stated Mr, Dickinson has had to repair Morty 4 times in the past as his antenna seems to be a trophy item amongst vandals.

He still had his antennas when I visited this weekend but Mr. Dickinson did state that should he be called to repair damage again he’d be looking to remedy the sculpture with smaller nubs.

📍 Sensory Gardens, 
Queanbeyan East