Rubber Duckie! You're the One!

Wodonga Public Art | Blue Rubber DuckWodonga Public Art | Blue Rubber Duck

I know, I know! It's a blow up. I've been guilty of insisting blow up items are too common and have avoided collecting them. I had two different people tell me about this duckie though and we actually had to go to the store while looking for a suitable shower purchase to compliment our tiny bathroom.

So here is Highgrove Bathrooms blue rubber duck. This picture was taken during Covid. Well before the border closures. It's actually probably the only sculpture photograph I came across that had a mask on. I'd seen many internet pictures of statues adorning masks and had always been bemused by the initiate of people. Really glad I got to add a non staged item to my blog and gallery to mark the world wide event.

📍 Highgrove Bathrooms, Wodonga