Edmondson Park Train Station Plaque


Edmondson Park

Don't ask me why I took this. I've seen the City of Sydney Challenge of exploring every suburb and marking the suburb complete with a train station suburb sign but I've been to a fair few suburbs now and neglected to take these photos. 

I'd still like to for as many as I can so with that in mind welcome to Edmondson park. It's a relatively new suburb for Sydney. It's apart of the Liverpool Council, about 30kms from the city and according to the 2016 Census had a population of roughly 2.2k people. The station was build in 2015 and developments been crazy so expect that figure to change dramatically.

Edmondson Park was named after John Edmondon who was unfortunately killed in action during WW2 but is the first Australian to receive the Australian Victoria Cross. (Medal for bravery)