If the Shoe fits

BIG Shoe in Fyshwick | ACT BIG Things

A lot of people don't realize just how much time and research goes into finding content such as this.

I first saw this picture on Instagram. The photo was over 4 years old and in the #Canberra Tag. It was a HUGE scroll. I performed every keyword search I could think of, I googled stores and I hassled a few online locals I knew with no luck.

I'm really good at finding things. Like... really good at finding things. I really enjoy the mystery hunt to find objects but after a year of this post sitting in my IG saved folder I sucked it up, admitted defeat and asked the poster where it was.

They couldn't remember! but guessed at the suburb! My heart sank but I googled every shoe store in that suburb and  snoooped at every single photo every shoe store had in their google maps gally and BINGO! 

It took awhile to find the BIG Shoe but it took just as long to get to Canberra. This pin sat on my map for a good 8 months, staring at me screaming "VISIT ME" everytime I opeed my map.

I finally got to visit and the wait was so worth it. The staff allowed me to move the display items to take a better picture and the store manager even removed the stickers on the windows for me to have a clear view. 

Asics staff, you were amazing!

📍Asics Shoe Store, Fyshwick