Liverpool - A Tribute to Lauchlan Macquarie

Art by Robin Blau

Robin Blau is an amazing artist! He's made a few pieces in Canberra I just LOVE. Eg: 'Time Theif' and the Eagle veranda both in the New Acton Precinct. (I will upload Canberra next)

Anyway this particular sculpture is of Lauchlan Macquarie, it was created in 2005 and it's located on the T section of Macquarie and Scott St.

Lauchlan Macquarie was the fifth and last autocratic Governor of New South Wales. He's credited with restoring order in NSW after the rum rebellion overthrew the last Governer, William Bligh

Macquarie is also credited with the holy dollar and dump initiative after importing 40,000 Spanish dollars when coins were becoming scares and commissioning them to be separated and re-stamped.