Sydney CBD - BIG Bullets

Yininmadyemi, thou didst let fall' by Tony Albert

So if you don't know the BIG Bullets are a tribute to the Indigenous souls who served in WWII
There are 4 standing and three laying on the ground. All metaphorical to reflect the experience of 7 service men.

The story tells of a man named Eddie Albert, an Aboriginal who entered the ADF and was shipped overseas.
He was taken prisoner not long after reaching the shore after a brilliant deception by a german spy, a gun battle and a surrender and was to spend the 4 years within various prison camps.

Eddie was a slippery fella though and had a knack for escaping.

Eddie Albert along with 6 other men escaped and took refuge in a nearby town but were not long after recaptured.

To send a message Eddies captures executed three of his fellow prisoners and spared the remaining four.

These are the three bullets laying on their side and four standing up