Bruce - Karla Dickens


Second Skin a sculpture by Karla Dickens

Public Art is a relatively new interest for me. I'd seen this sculpture in my Canberra searches and hummed and arrr'd as to whether I could get away with calling this a BIG Thing and in the end decided I simply couldn't label it in my favor. 

I went to the University of Canberra to grab another sculpture and walked past this so naturally I took a photo. The sculpture is called 'Second Skin' and was created by Karla Dickens in 2018.

Karla is of Aboriginal descent which carries and bleeds into her contemporary art pieces. This sculpture she says is representative of a warrior who discovers peace in quiet moments and sits in quiet reflection. She musters courage and licks her wounds in order to once again rise and confront what is to come.
"Beaten and bruised, she shines" It was first featured in Countour 556 and was purchased by the University of Canberra.