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Public Art in Canberra by Robin Blau

Robin Blau is another amazing artist. If you haven't been to the New Acton Precinct and seen his Time Thief sculpture or the creative verandah he made for the business adjacent Time Thief, you really need to! It's mind blowing!

This sculpture is nestled in between Uni buildings and while it was left Untitled by the artist they've since been referred to as the BIG Floating Pages in the Roadside community.

Blau submitted it's proposal to the University of Canberra after the Uni hosted a National design competition and completed the sculpture in 1999 after his proposal was selected.

Every page is inscribed with Quotes

Artist Statement
"... this sculpture refers to the creation or 'making' of potent ideas, and the fascination of capturing and physically recording those ideas. These quotations are from women and men whose lives changed the world"

The sculpture was dedicated to the memory of Harvey A. Jones

Public Art in Canberra by Robin BlauPublic Art in Canberra by Robin Blau