Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Like a lot of people I ventured to Powerhouse today under the impression it was the very last day to visit a selection of Sculpture by the Sea sculptures showcased in the 2019 exhibit.

They had been removed and the date on the website to my dismay was incorrect but I did go to the SbtS2019 and had already seen them so it wasn't a huge disappointment. Powerhouse itself is one of many places on my gigantic bucket list for NSW.

Paste up Kitty Wall

The first thing I noticed was this wall behind the playground. This wall must have looked stunning when it was first done!

Lantern Rabbits

Left over from previous Chinese New Year festivals or white nights no doubt. They were a little ratty and in needing of some much needed TLC but it was a nice surprise to see them lurking on the premise.

Home to Powerhourse is a free Graffiti Zone

            William Cole

I could smell fresh paint walking up those these tanks and got to watch for a bit as someone practiced some graffiti on the wall. It was quite fascinating.

With the exhibit gone I ventured inside to esquire as to how long I had missed it by. It had only been a week. I was in Albury until the previous afternoon so I was happy in the knowledge I missed it by circumstance, not by choice and ventured inside to see the canvas exhibits.

There was one by Susan Grant Murphy called Brolga Dreaming I found absolutely stunning. Unfortunatly I couldn''t find a picture online.

I stayed for lunch and I had a really lengthy chat with the Powerhouse gardener which was amazing. If you haven't ventured inside the organic garden I strongly suggest you do. Not only does it supply the Powerhouse kitchen with fresh food but it's just so amazing to see. Garden Envy. She let me eat a snow pea. So tasty!