Bankstown | Terrance Plowright

Bankstown Public Art | Terrance Plowright
Terrance Plowright

I find it funny when I visit something like this, investigate the artist and find not only have I visited public art from them before but I have a fair few sculptures from them that I'd listed as Unknown Artist on my map. Dangers of visiting public art with no plaques.

So far I've visited Mr Plowright's very famous Sit Henry Parkes sculpture in Parkes, 'Lachlan Macquarie' in Hyde Park, 'Aqua-Helix 'e in Haymarket, 'Whales' & 'Dancing Brolgas' in Cockle Bay..

This particular sculpture was unveiled in 2011 and depicts five Vietnamese refugees on a small sail boat. The artwork seeks to create awareness for the immense sacrifice and hardships faced by the Vietnamese people in their pursuit of liberty and freedom.

Bankstown Public Art | Terrance PlowrightBankstown Public Art | Terrance Plowright