Bankstown - Pause Pods

While researching for at in Bankstown we came across these Pause pods.
At the time we chalked them down to quirky seat painted by the community but I've since found out there are 6 sets of these seats and they were al painted by well known artist

Bankstown Street Art | Pause Pod by Mandy Schone-Salter
Artist: Mandy Schone-Salter

Mandy Schone-Salter set of Pause Pods are conveniently placed in front of her mural outside the public toilets at the Bankstown Train Station. 

There is a second set of Pause Pods near Mandy's set. I assumed they were all decorated by the same artist and it looked similar to the set below so I opted to not photograph them. 😬 They were painted by Brode Crompton, who I think is actually Art of Sektor, don't quote me on that.

Moving to the other side of the Bankstown Train Station you'll find this set of pods. The council has named this set the South Group and they were painted by My Le Thi

Bankstown Street Art | Pause Pod by My Le Thi
Artist: My Le Thi (BYDS)

Across the road and a few stores down you'll discover a set of Pause Pods painted by Tim Phibs.

I was lucky to get this photo. They're well utilized in Bankstown and had to photograph quickly. Between passing cars and pedestrians it was a challenge to capture these one. I am surprised I didn't recognize Phibs style in the pods at the time. I can certainly see it now

Bankstown Street Art | Pause Pod by Tim Phibs
Artist: Tim Phibs

Despite there being six sets of Pause Pods the last two sets have been painted by Tierra Boo. I'm not actually sure who that is but you can locate one set at the Bankstown Art Centre and the second near the corner of Chapel Road & Dale Parade.

Bankstown Street Art | Pause Pod by Tierra Boo
Artist: Tierra Boo