Bankstown | Styna Byna

Styna Byna

Styna Byna has two murals at this location and both were completed in 2018. The first mural she titled 'The Conversation' and depicts local fig tree birds. She said she was inspired by the birds, the surroundings and the vibe of the community

Bankstown Street Art | Styna Byna

The second mural has gone untitled as far as I know. I had a little difficulty photographing both of these murals. The local traffic was relentless and it took a lot of patience to capture photographs without motorists. The murals are in front of a set of traffic lights which consistently had a build up of traffic.
I managed to snatch a few photos as cars lazily pulled up to the lights after turning red but itwas fairly frustrating getting the shot. I hope you have better luck 

Bankstown Street Art | Styna Byna

📍 Crn: Dale & Olympic Parade, Bankstown