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Currans Hill Street Art | Art of Sektor

Art of Sektor

School gates were open on a no school day. Kids were being supervised in an after school care roll on a basketball court a good 20m from this wall but despite no kinds being anywhere near this mural and the ability to give the kids a wide berth we were turned away from being allowed to photograph this mural by Art of Sector.

We can have Footy events up to 80,000 but cant host ANZAC day marches. We can have caravan & Camping shows in showgrounds generating crowds of thousands but have to cancel Street Art Events. We allow people from Covid riddled countries to migrate here, not testing before they come but refuse flights to bring our Australian citizens home. The world and it's priorates is Ducked.

So I took the photo with a wide angled lens  through the gate which despite asking for permission and walking away after being told no, with no hassle, left the after school care attendant watching us like a hawk and repositioning herself in case we tried to sneak in. This was probably my first negative experience out Street Art Hunting.

I wasn't going to ask for permission but I had company whose not quite as cheeky as I am and in an effort to show him how accommodating people are if you do the right thing was extremely disappointed by being proven wrong. lol

📍 Currans Hill Public School