Wodonga - BIG Yellow Tail Snapper

 So this large metal fish is actually one of the 72 large aquatic animals for the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. 72 sculptures, 36 barges and each floated down the Yarra River in a sound and light display.

72 BIG Fish from the 2006 Commonwealth Games

They were created by a company called MotherWorks and took roughly a year to complete.
I'm going to give the Fish their own Label '2006 Commonwealth Games Fish' so if you're interested in tracking down the ones I've visited, which is most they'll be easy to locate within the blog

72 BIG Fish from the 2006 Commonwealth Games

After the Commonwealth Games wrapped up the 72 fish were offered to Victorian councils as a tourism idea. Many of the sculptures found permanent homes and sadly, since the sculptures weren't designed for the outdoor elements, many perished.

Currently out of the 62 fish said to be adopted by Victorian councils I've managed to locate around 34 and visit / document around 32.

We'll find out for sure by the end of this label :)

📍 Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre