Albury - BIG Gap Filler

BIG Gap Filler | BIG Things of Albury
So my partner and I have been renovating our home and buggered a wall by not sanding it back enough. We thought we could hide the wall underneath textured paint and hassled our local paint store for supplies. The store clerk didn't have an issue with me playing with this despite the top falling off half way through. The tube is hollow but not a blow up tube.

We initially visited the store on the Sunday which is a non trading day but spotted this beauty through the window. It was a long 24hrs! Check the trading hours before visiting the area

It's also the first BIG Gap filler I've seen in person or on the BIG Thing circuit but like with most things we don't pay much attention to at first, bowling pins, pencils, chainsaws how often do we go to a paint store to know whether these are common or unique.

Visit your local paint stores before you add this to your list of things to visit. It may very well be more common than we know

BIG Gap Filler | BIG Things of AlburyBIG Gap Filler | BIG Things of Albury

📍 'Crowies Paints - Albury Paint Shop - Wattyl'