Miller - Swaze

Miller Street Art by Swaze | Sydney Street Art

 I've always had a huge appreciation for Swaze. His work is so smooth and realistic.
This is the second time I've attempted to photograph this wall. It's lacquered to protect the wall from sun and graffiti damage but the very sealant designed to preserve it also makes it difficult to photograph. So damn shiny!

Miller Street Art by Swaze | Sydney Street Art
The Community hub is littered with murals and graffiti. It's worth a good walk around as some of the community walls are well produced and have changed since I was last there.

The demographic looks rough but the locals were extremely polite and curious as I walked around photographing the walls. 

You can locate Swaze's wall behind 'The Hub' in Miller

📍 Lady Woodward Pl & Woodward Cres, Miller