Wodonga - Kaff-eine & Bethany Thornber

Wodonga Street Art | Kaff-eine & Bethany Thornber


Don't you hate it when you go collect a mural and find a random one that's been there from a year before? I'm glad I spotted the splash of color on the way out of the parking lot but somewhat miffed it eluded me to begin with.

Kaff-eine is a wonderful artist and while I'm not too familiar with Bethany Thornber I'm aware she has an event at MAMA that just ended. The Roller door is still currently painted with her 'Thylaseen' mural though.

This mural was painted back in Oct 2020 for 'UpTheWall;' an anti graffiti initiative funded by the Community Crime Prevention Program.

I'll eventually replace this photo with something spectacular and shadow-less 

📍 Wodonga Police Station