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Mural in Yass by Aboriginal Artist

Mural in Yass by Aboriginal Artist
There were two pins in Yass. This delightful amenity block which looks to e painted by two different artists and one just under the bridge near by.

This isn't my kind of art but I do want to make an effort to visit more murals and general public art even if I don't find it interesting to myself. I love art. It's like geocaching.

Australias biggest game of Pokemon. Unknown Artist. Check out the Unknown Artist TAG 


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    1. I just noticed it had a Platypus on it. If it helps your quest there's a small footpath mural in Albury with a platy on it. A Sculpture in Eltham, VIC and the same sculpture by the same artist (Crafted Landscape) at the Brimbank Park playspace, VIC.


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