Melba - Byrd & Stylized Impact

Melba Street Art | Stylized Impact

Byrd & Stylized Impact

I find it highly amusing that these two artists typically paint together but neither of them have the above or below murals in their gallery for me to determine when they may have been painted. I've seen the murals before too but cant touch on where.

I didn't see a tag for the above mural but I'm fairly certain it's Stylized Impact and the below mural is 100% Byrd. The Melba Tennis Courts is also home to a Free Graffiti Zone. 

Melba Street Art | ByrdMelba Street Art | ByrdMelba Street Art | Byrd

I didn't go out of my way to collect the Grafitti Zones. I intended to until I finished researching and realized my itinerary wouldn't be anywhere near completed. I visited spots that were on the way. I'm been impressed with the zones so far. Few have had me walk away photoless

Melba Street ArtMelba Street Art

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