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Wodonga Street Art | mural by Kasper

It's been a few weeks since I've gotten out of the house and as soon as I saw this post I was off to Bunnings to grab some more reno supplies but first... a detour!

I glanced at Kaspers post and read he had a further two murals on the way in the area but as soon as I arrived I spotted the mural. Upon walking up to it I learnt it wasn't the mural I originally went for and upon getting home learnt it was one of the murals the artist said was in the works but had actually already been completed. Sneaky man.

So, this mural is behind the Baraduda Community Center. It decorates the space between the amenity doors. I've seen a bit of Kaspers art in Melbourne's Hozier Ln and have to say, from what I've seen in Wodonga so far, his work is taking a more 3D and smoother / cleaner look.

Wodonga Street Art | mural by KasperWodonga Street Art | mural by Kasper