Albury - ALL Music mural extension

 Admittedly, I missed a step on these walls!

Albury Street Art | Kade Sarte
As soon as I saw the images float across my IG I was out the door snapping these two new beautiful additions to the ALL Music lane wall

The artist is local talent Kade Sarte

Depicted is a portrait of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen and Travis Barker the drummer from Blink 182
Albury Street Art | Kade Sarte
Edit** Kade first began this wall in 2018 with a portrait of Slash. Ray Charles followed 6 months later and finally a portrait of Pink.
The artist tells me Slash and Ray Charles were snuck in about 4 months ago. So around Dec, 2020

You can view their portraits here 

there's room on this wall for further portraits and I look forward to seeing who will be painted next!

📍 All Music, Abury