Moss Vale | Angela Macpherson

On the road this morning on what I'm hoping will be my last road trip to Albury. It also makes it my last opportunity to find art in the Southern NSW region. 

Moss Vale Street Art | Angela Macpherson

When I realized this was the last road trip back to Albury I went a little silly with the research. This was a mural I didn't find in my first search so my first stop was back to Moss Vale. I cant find the post that I I came across during research but I know the mural is by Angela Macpherson. 

I wont list the address as I wasn't sure if this was a private residence or small business. I got the impression if was a business but since there wasnt any signage or a Google name plate I'll simply list the road. The mural is easily spotted from the road and a small parking area is available in font of the display garden. It was a very quiet road and I believe the post I found on IG said they were use to people pulling up for photos. 

📍 End of Beaconsfield Rd, Moss Vale