Sydney CBD | Lawrence Beck

Sydney Public Art | Lawrence Beck

Sydney Public Art | Lawrence Beck

This is a sculpture I missed on my first walk around the city. After finding it today I realize city slicker Maty and I had walked right past it. To be fair there were protests on that day and people were absolutely everywhere which made things harder to spot. Yeah, lets use that excuse.

The sculpture was created by Lawrence Beck and is a portrait of Australian painter Lloyd Rees. After reading this I immediately opened a Google page, curious to know what Mr. Rees looked like because this sculpture came across as rather crudely made. Rees died quite late in life but the sculptures crags and bulges seemed a little excessive so I searched further.

There aren't a great deal of Public Art papparazzo's in Sydney but I came across some photographs that are wildly different to my own. I'm quite short so the angle isn't very high but what a difference the perspective makes. I also couldn't find more work from Lawrence Beck so it's quite hard to discern whether that's the artists style or if he perhaps found his subject rather ugly 😂

📍 Town Hall, Sydney