Ultimo | Lucy Bleach

Ultimo Public Art | Lucy Bleach
Lucy Bleach

Lucy Bleach has two sculptures in this park. Ones a water fountain shaped like an urn titled 'Swellstone' and this artwork, created in 1996 called 'Outcrop Esculentus Sprialis' They're small sandstone slabs with depictions of botanical plants etched into the surfaces.

There are 12 slabs in total long ago quarried from the Pyrmont Penninsula and interestingly enough once belonged to the Prymont bridge. It's a rather sentimental and symbolic artwork as both stone and botanicals were long ago memories of the land and the inhabitants that resided there.

Ultimo Public Art | Lucy BleachUltimo Public Art | Lucy Bleach

📍 Fig Lane Park, Ultimo


  1. These are beautiful, I havent heard of her work before but must check out more of her art.


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