TAG Overhaul

Yesterday I was looking at a post and realized how long I had to scroll down to get to something I needed.

I'm sitting at 730 posts now and know it's barely a dint in the TAGs. I've made a lot of mistakes with my maps over the years which has often left me spending days, sometimes weeks, needing to update my maps to accommodate some new idea that will make me life easier.

Terry & myself (30th Birthday in Darwin)

I'd like to do that with my blog. 
If you've ever seen my BIG Thing Map you'll know how much I've travelled and how many suburbs/town TAGs that map will create. Now add my Street Art and Public Art map and the amount of TAGs would have you and myself scrolling more than I'd like. I'd be fine if I was simply posting one state but I've visited 6 states now and QLD may not be far away. I need to make room by condensing my TAG list

I think this was Phillip Island. I'm a sucker for these

Preemptively I've decided to update my tags via council instead of town/Suburb. There's just too many  
For now I may leave the Metropolotin Tags as is and Regional Tags by council. I love watching the tags grow. Or vice versa.

Still considering the best option going forward with consideration to the amount of TAG's I'll eventually end up with and ease of navigation.

This may get a little confusing for people copy and pasting for road trips. I'd suggest you Wiki the towns you'll be passing and learn their councils to make this blog easier to navigate. 

I really need to make a TAG for these

I'll also be adding more personal posts to a selected TAG to promote visited places and blog content being posted to older dates, I wanted to name this TAG 'Keeping up with The Whisperer' but it may be too long :(

See how we go!


  1. Haha I love the face through cardboard cutouts they are always fun, Taronga zoo has some funny ones.

    1. Haha, I love them too. Everytime I see one I get a little silly.


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