Australian BIG Things Map!

This map is a brilliant resource for every roadside attraction enthusiast with A LOT of fantastic features including

 Address's, location and co-ordinates to every item where applicable
Pictures for every pin so you can decide if it's something you'd like to visit while planning your trip
Categorized by State then Suburb so you can track pins via list as well as by map/ visually
Items are regularly being updated with information and facts for a little extra fun
Regular updates with new items continuously being added
If you're a traveler looking for quirk between destinations or simply like frequent breaks this map will certainly boast plenty of photo opportunities

Australian BIG Things & Roadside Map


  1. Hi Megan, the Big Orange Lady in Mildura is no longer in existence and the Big Keys in Port Augusta are inside a Primary School Grounds, which are locked in behind a tall metal fence. taking any sort of picture around this area just makes one look like a dirty pedo. You might want to consider updating the map. Cheers.

    1. I'm afraid this is the transient nature of public art. One day it's there, the next, it is not. Stores close and with it the beloved icons they erect to promote their stores go with them. Covid especially has been unkind to our roadside fare. Perhapes when things settle down I'll consider an overhaul of the map but I'm currently focused on completing my Sydney map challenge :)

  2. The Big IceCream Sunday (Sundae) and The Big Fruit Bowl in Coober Pedy don't exist any more either.


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