St Peters | SMC3 & Joel Cameron Studio

Mary Street has a lot going on. Three murals litter the corner, a utility box teases from across the road and further down the road you'll find another couple of murals.

St Peters Street Art | SM3


This mural is called 'The Orange Pot' and was a 2016 Edge project. It is quite literally  giant melted pot of images and colors of the surrounding houses painted in an abstract style upon this neighborhood fence.

St Peters Street Art | SM3


I'm not sure what the elephant means to SMC3 but he's based a common character in his art around this fragmented beauty.

St Peters Street Art | Joel Cameron Studio

Joel Cameron Studio

There's no symbolism or deeper meaning to Joels Mary Street mural. The artist simply stated he utilised the shape of the wall to create a fun and vibrant mural for the community

📍 Crn: Mary St & Unwins Bridge Rd, St Peters