St Peters | Dmez

Daymo Foeskedoe Houtepen

A few people have credited this mural to Cheapframe and a few have given credit to Dmez. Neither name has a social account so it's hard to determine whose mural it is.

There is a #Cheapframe tag on IG that does  feature this mural as well as a few other. I can only assume there was a profile long ago hosting the murals for people to have this knowledge. It was well before I got to Sydney and perhaps so long ago that many other art collectors have simply never crossed this long ago deleted account 

Until I can confirm I'll leave this mural as an Unknown Artist

**Update (02/07/2021)

So tonight I was trolling through Google Maps St view and came across a wall that made me run a few IG name searches. Low and behold I found an account for Dmez. The account hasn't been used since 2016 and it doesn't feature this mural but it is nice to find a name to give credit. 

St Peters Street Art

📍 Mary St & Bakers Ln, St Peters