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Sydenham Street Art
Unknown Artists

Last year I travelled to Sydenham to begin, what would be, a Sydenham to Marrickville walk. I now have two weeks off work compliments of Sydney's two week lock down so I'll begin uploading old content during my sabbatical rather than exploring new places.

We visited this lane that visit to photograph Thomas Jacksons mural and despite looking down the lane from near the T section I either looked at these and didn't appreciate them or never saw them. 

I ventured back down this lane on this art excursion to find the tape mural and was surprised I had missed it. I'm unsure who painted these pieces

Sydenham Street ArtSydenham Street Art

📍 Park Lane, Sydenham


  1. Jellyfish - love them! That's the subject of my next tattoo.


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