Sydenham | Unknown


Sydenham Utility Art

Unknown Artist

I'm having a bit of a dilemma at the moment as to how to name the Utility Art pins on my map. Not all Utility Boxes have an artists name attached and it gets a bit frustrating finishing a suburb that has 15 unknown boxes and seeing a list of unknowns. I've equally tried naming the boxes with frivolous names and have found half my pins have artist names and half are listed as unknowns so I may go through my Utility map panel the next few weeks and settle for a template. 

I feel inclined to stick with naming the boxes silly things to help me identify boxes in my laptop folders more easily. I named this one 'Sydenham - Unknown (1)' and I'm thinking 'Sydenham - Paint Pallet' just looks so much nicer.

If you have any thoughts on naming styles, let me know. I usually list murals and sculptures by Suburb - Artist Name but that doesn't really work for Utility Art as most are typically nameless. 

📍 Crn: Unwins Bridge Rd & George St, Sydenham