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BIG Banana of Carnarvon | Australian BIG Things

BIG Banana of Carnarvon | Australian BIG Things
BIG Banana

There didn't appear to be an easy way to photography this beauty. You either get chain link fence, poke your lens through a hole to photograph half a sculpture or snap from over the top and produce all sorts of weird angles.

I got honked at while attempting the top imagine. Not sure if the tradie in the ute knew what I was doing but boy! did I get flustered.

After a google there only appears to be one person who knows the Banana's origin story with a further three sources sighting that reference. I can't confirm the bloggers information despite being given an artists name and creation date. I'm either being lazy with my google key terms or there's no sources for me to sink my teeth into and I'm not confident in sharing the details.

There is a newspaper that claims to share it's origin story but it's behind a paywall and subscriptions are too much commitment for me. I did find a FB user of the same name who I'm taken the liberty of messaging so until I get an update I'll leave you with a link to the only source of information I found.

📍 Crn: Robinson & Boundary Rd, Carnarvon