Launceston | BIG James Boags Can


BIG James Boags Can | James Boags Brewery, Launceston

BIG James Boags Can

BIG Thing or Silo Art, hmmm???

I'm not sure if this was a disused industrial beer vat or a water tank, regardless, it's been painted by the James Boags Brewery to resemble a James Boags Can. It's located in the parking lot of the brewery and greets you as you drive in.

I'm not sure when it was painted, the earliest photo I could find was from 2010. Sometime between 2010 and 2012 the BIG James Boags Can has a label change and it went from the James Boags Draught label to what we see today; the James Boags Light label.

The company was brought out by Lions Co in 2007 and while it doesn't quite fit the time line I do wonder if the BIG Can was created as a new branding tool by the new proprietors. 

📍 James Boags Brewery, Launceston