Stanley - Big Lobster

This Lobsters Cray Cray!
BIG Lobster in Stanley Tasmania

The BIG Lobster

Not much information exists for Stanleys BIG Lobster. I can tell you it's about 2 meters long and is a Southern Rock Lobster. The Hursleys seafood takeaway store was built in 1987 when large tacky sculptures really began to make it's mark on Australia but cant say for sure it was installed when the facility was first built.

I've come across an entry by GraemeReid on Bonzle of the lobster in 2008 which is the earliest photo I can find.  Hurselys Seafood went through a huge renovation in 2005 in which the Lobster was temporarily removed but has since been replaced.

BIG Lobster in Stanley TasmaniaBIG Lobster in Stanley Tasmania

 📍 Hursey Seafood, Stanley