Exmouth | BIG Prawn

The BIG Prawn in Exmouth | Australian BIG Things
The BIG Prawn

I couldn't fit this guy into a normal photo and considering how far the camera was from the sculpture itself it really goes to show just how big he actually is!

But how big is he?

This giant Western King Prawn is 7 meters in height and is another creation of Brian Paskins. 

(Paskins also created the Whale sculpture in town)

Originally he was commissioned by MG Kallis for $30,000 in 2005 and graced the owners Fisheries facility.

When the business closed it's doors in 2013 the owner gifted the giant prawn to the town as a tourist attraction. 

Every year between Dec and the end of March the Prawn is taken down in preparation of Cyclone Season so if you visit and he's not there, this is why.

In 2020 when the prawn was removed for cyclone season the town made a Covid project out of refurbishing their beloved prawn at a cost of $3500

📍 Exmouth Visitors Center, Exmouth