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The Eucla Whale Sculpture | Australian BIG Things
Whale Sculpture

For the longest time I assumed The Eucla Whale was just a random sculpture placed or found by locals and placed at the Eucla Roadhouse for tourism. I'll even admit when I spent thousands of dollars in fuel to drive around WA and SA I really didn't research touristy things to do. 

My goal was BIG Things and Roadside Attractions and since this sculpture didn't have any known history it appeared to be just another random sculpture.

Turns out Eula, well, the whole Great Australian Bight really, is prime real estate for whale watching.

The Southern Right Whale was hunted to near extinction for their oil and meat until 1937. Numbers have slowly been returning and for 5-6 months of the year between May - Oct spectators get to delight in whales birthing, feeding and growing as the whales continue their migration.

The Eucla Whale is roughly 2 meters in height and perhaps 10 meters in length. 

The Eucla Whale Sculpture | Australian BIG ThingsThe Eucla Whale Sculpture | Australian BIG Things

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