Chewton | BIG Peg

Chewton BIG Pegs
BIG Pegs in Chewton

I missed these on my first visit, they weren't the easiest of things to track down and could only be seen while travelling in one direction.

I've visited this sculpture twice now, one in 2016 after I missed it on my first drive through the region and the second in 2019 to collect more photos. 

I have no idea why there are pegs in the garden, considering how nice the garden was I imagine they were creative garden stakes used to help climbing plants or perhapes a barrier to protect the terracotta pipes behind them.. Two have disappeared between visits and much like the now neglected garden they were looking a little worse for wear. 

The BIG Pegs were created sometime between 2010-2016. The sculpture is comprised of painted polystyrene and considering the condition of my 2016 photo I'd be inclined to suggest closer to 2016.

📍 Church on Main St, Chewton