Launceston | Futago

Sculpture 'Pages to Pixels' by Futago | Launceston Public Art


Futago is a design Studio. They were commissioned to design an artwork for the LINC building in Launceston and they've installed 'Paper to Pixels' here which caught my attention an entire street away.

What a sight this was. If you look closely at the photo you'll note these white pages also closely resemble laptop and tablets. It's a symbolic transition of an era transitioning from paper into a digital age. They're not overly noticeable up high but the lower to the ground they are the more apparent it becomes. 

I really enjoyed the effect of a gradual morph or transition if you will. Almost everything I do now a days is digital and while I prefer a paper book I have purchased an E book reader as it's more convenient to carry.

📍 Launceston Library