Latrobe | BIG Nut Cracker

More than it cracked up to be!

Giant Nutcracker Sculpture at Reliquaire | Latrobe

BIG Nutcracker

One of our favorite things to do these days is hunt for leprechauns. 

Mats dad is quirkier than I am and collects them. They are surprisingly hard to find. We stumbled across a store when we first arrived in Tas that had a leprechaun bobble head but it was their only leprechaun so they refused to sell it. 

Naturally every store we passed that looked like bric-a-brac we looked for leprechauns. We came across this store and OMG, it was like walking into Narnia. The Harry Potter section was particularly amazing. Found this guy inside too and snapped a few photos for fun. Super impressive store.