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'Flower Tree' by Matt Calvert | Rocherlea Public Art

Matt Calvert

If you're into Public Art and you've traveled you've likely come across Matt Calvert's work before.
This Sculpture is called 'Flower Tree' and it resides in front of the Brooks High School. From memory the gate was open which allowed me to snap this photo but the photo was taken awhile back now and the circumstances are a bit fizzy.

'Flower Tree' is a 4m tall ghost of an old 'Blue Gum' that once graced the Brooks High Schools former school site. The Blue Gum made the schools assembly point and the new school was on a flat suface with very little landmarks so the school had the Blue Gum recreated by Mr. Calvert.

There's a lot I haven't posted but if you've been to Bendigo to see the Bear at the Art Gallery you might have noticed Matts 'Rabbit' silhouette nearby. Matt also has a Boy looking towards the sky on the East Link in Melbourne as well as a sculpture in Weston, ACT