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Cricket makes me batty

BIG Cricket Bat | Shepherds Flat
BIG Cricket Bat | Shepherds Flat
BIG Cricket Bats

I can't tell you what I was doing with my face here but I can tell you about the Bats that grace the fence of Cricket Willlow, 

There's not a great deal of information on the bats themselves but plenty of information about the facility. Obviously Cricket Willow is a bat making facility where bats are made from the wood of female willow tree's. 

The land was first cultivated by Aussie cricketer Robert Crockett in 1902/03 who was sent cuttings from another cricketer, English Captain Archie MacLaren. For almost half a centaury Crockett became one of the most well known brands to almost every household across the country... that is until Slazenger brought the land.

I may have been poor sales, a shift in outdoor activities by children or Slazenger simply brought the land to  by out the competition either way at some point the willow tree's creating the iconic crocket bats were culled, save a few by a man named Aquilino Tinetti  

Mr Tinetti was determined to save the Aussie brand. So  he set about replanting and cultivating what we now call Cricket Willow and in in 1999 the fence we see the bats fixed to today were created. Were the bats created in 1999 as well? I'm not sure. There's surprisingly not a lot of pictures of them online.
If you have a photo or story predating 2016 leave me a comment