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Stan & Ella Hilditch Statues | Newman

Stan and Ella Hilditch Statues

Upon entering Newman you'll see this wonderful 12 meter steel cut out silhouettes of Stan and Ella Hilditch from quite a distance. They were placed on a hill overlooking the town of Newman after being relocated from another hill due to native title claims.

Stan and Ella accidentally stumbled onto one of the worlds largest Iron Ore deposits in 1957 while looking for another mineral (Magnesium). The stories say Stan climbed a mountain for a better vantage point and realized after looking at his compass he'd stumbled upon iron.

The statues were unveiled in Oct, 2014, I still havent discovered the artist but they were donated to the town as an entry statement by BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Stan & Ella Hilditch Statues | NewmanStan & Ella Hilditch Statues | Newman

📍 Yawarta Drive, Newman 


  1. Pretty cool to see my Grandfather, Stan and his wife Ella still remembered this way!


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