Swansea | Abalone Shell

 Never abalone in Tassie!

BIG Abalone Shell in Swansea | Swansea Public Art

Abalone Shell

We drove past this and Mat asked if it counted. I took a little too long to reply so he pulled over and started a U turn. Best advice I can ever give you is to take a heap of photos of everything. Especially if you're not sure because one day your tastes in art might change.

Five years ago I started the BIG Thing challenge. A month before this visit I started to take an interest in murals and while I didnt consider this to be a big thing, a year after taking it I developed an interest in Public Art which I would now consider this to be. 

I'm glad we stopped, I'm glad I can now add this photo to my Public Art tag despite not being so thrilled at the time.