Latrobe | The BIG Cherry

I'll cherrish this one more than the last!

Latrobe | BIG Cherry at the Cherry Shed

The BIG Cherry 

Earlier in the week I visited the Cherry Shed and took a photo of the Giant Cherry. I didn't know at the time I was photographing the wrong Cherry. I would have photographed it anyway, don't get me wrong, but THIS cherry was my intended sculpture. 

Funnily enough its on the other side of the facility and where I stood in the photo of the other cherry, had I been standing on the other side, would have had a clear view of this guy. Cherry obscured my vision of this beautiful masterpiece and I only caught my error while driving back into Latrobe a week later and from an oncoming direction.

So here it is! the official BIG Cherry at Latrobe. There's a single cherry on site. a further single cherry 1km down the road heading out of Latrobe and yet another single cherry in Glenora.